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HR professionals face unprecedented challenges and uncertainties in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. To thrive amidst such dynamic conditions, it is essential to cultivate resilience within HR teams. This session explores strategies to enhance HR resilience by integrating self-motivation, personal development strategies, and emotional intelligence. Organizations can adapt swiftly, foster employee well-being, and drive sustainable success by empowering HR professionals with the tools to navigate global change effectively. Join us as we delve into practical approaches for building resilience in HR and maximizing organizational performance in an ever-changing world.


  • Diana Bognibov (Head of HR Department at National Power Corp)

    Diana Bognibov

    Head of HR Department at National Power Corp

    HR Director at the Group of Companies with 16 years of experience in personnel management.
    Diana`s strategy includes strengthening the recruitment and adaptation processes of personnel, developing training and career development programs, and implementing assessment and motivation systems aimed at increasing employee engagement and productivity. The priority is to create a transparent and open corporate culture that supports innovation, promotes knowledge sharing, and strengthens the corporate community.

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