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Corporate culture happens with every action, process, communication and observed behavior. How do you create the kind of place where people can do their best work? How do you build a team that is passionate about your organization and passionate about delivering their best every day? Culture, passion and high impact leadership are a significant differentiating factor between good and great organizations.

The idea of "high performance" teams is tossed around a lot, especially in the tech arena. Companies and industries that are especially anchored in IT & innovation tend to lean heavily on highly skilled, highly motivated, and high-velocity players to dig in and really push the envelope.

But what does a high-performance team—and a high-performance employee—look like? And how do we, as managers, identify these power players and connect the dots to drive success? Of course, it's multiple parts—it's determining who you're looking for, assessing if a candidate checks the right boxes and, ultimately, managing your team to perform at their peak both individually and as a whole. Managed right, these teams are a force to be reckoned with and, hands down, the single greatest way to drive success in any vertical.


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