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The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova held the "Adoption of Innovative Technological Solutions and Energy Efficiency" seminar.

The event was designed to provide Moldovan companies with essential knowledge on implementing energy efficiency measures and adopting innovative technological solutions, which are imperative to compete in the EU market.

During the seminar, trainers discussed the challenges faced by Moldovan companies in energy efficiency, addressed ways of sustainable retrofitting, and discussed the actions needed to access funding sources and subsidies for energy efficiency projects.

The trainers also provided practical examples of businesses successfully implementing energy efficiency technologies, presented as relevant case studies.

One of the speakers at the event was Adrian Ghita, Executive Director at the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund, with 25 years of professional experience in project development for various types of energy and gas investments, including cogeneration, energy efficiency, renewable energy or LPG storage in a wide range of industrial sectors.

The second speaker was Corneliu Rotaru, a technical expert with over 40 years of activity in the field of energy efficiency both at the local and European level, being a successful leader of several institutions in Romania, lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, and postgraduate specialization courses, co-author of a significant number of articles and studies dedicated to energy efficiency policies, technologies, and solutions.

Muntean Ion, Director of the National Centre for Sustainable Energy, and Nina Potîngă, Deputy Director of the Entrepreneurship Development Organisation, spoke about funding opportunities and the actions needed to access funding sources for energy efficiency projects.

Also, Larcus Pickett, Chief of Staff at Moldova Energy Security Activity (MESA), presented, in the premiere, "MESA - Energy Excellence for SMEs Grant Program", designed to reduce energy demand from SMEs by replacing old, inefficient equipment with environmentally friendly, low-energy technologies.

The seminar was organized by AmCham Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitization.

This activity was supported by the Future Technologies Activity (FTA), funded by USAID, Sweden and UKaid.


  • Arpintin Veronica (Secretar de Stat, Ministerul Dezvolt─ârii Economice ╚Öi Digitaliz─ârii)

    Arpintin Veronica

    Secretar de Stat, Ministerul Dezvoltării Economice și Digitalizării

  • Malairau Mila (Director executiv, Camera American─â de Comer╚Ť din Moldova)

    Malairau Mila

    Director executiv, Camera American─â de Comer╚Ť din Moldova

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  • Ghita Adrian (Director executiv, Fondul Rom├ón pentru Eficien╚Ťa Energiei, Rom├ónia)

    Ghita Adrian

    Director executiv, Fondul Rom├ón pentru Eficien╚Ťa Energiei, Rom├ónia

  • Rotaru Corneliu (Expert tehnic, Fondul Rom├ón pentru Eficien╚Ťa Energiei, Rom├ónia)

    Rotaru Corneliu

    Expert tehnic, Fondul Rom├ón pentru Eficien╚Ťa Energiei, Rom├ónia

  • Muntean Ion (Director, IP Centrul Na╚Ťional pentru Energie Durabil─â)

    Muntean Ion

    Director, IP Centrul Na╚Ťional pentru Energie Durabil─â

  • Pot├«nga Nina (Director adjunct, Organiza╚Ťia pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului)

    Potînga Nina

    Director adjunct, Organiza╚Ťia pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului


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