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Oracle Financial Services is a world leader in providing solutions to help financial services businesses build digital ecosystems that empower customers to manage and enrich their financial lives. With our data-driven solutions, financial institutions can get the in-depth insights that enable them to make better business-critical decisions.

Oracle is about commitment to our customers' success and thrives within these hard times but it is also about enabling our customers all over the world to prepare for a better tomorrow. We have solutions for Smart cities that can help the Public Sector administration, we have highly secured environments, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure second generation was developed centered on the security of our customers' solutions and data.

Oracle is about offering confidence to our customers as we offer the same solutions either on customer premise or in Oracle Cloud, and we build affordable solutions for our customers either 100 % in Oracle Public Cloud or hybrid cloud or even Cloud solutions at the customer Data Center.

Oracle is about better performance: We offer the best and the most performant servers in the world to work with Oracle database: Exa Data machine. And we offer it as available HW or as a service in our cloud, at the customer's choice.

Oracle is about business support that we offer to our customers: from Healthcare to Public Sector, from Manufacturing to Media, from Utilities to Transportation, and so on there is no business or no industry where Oracle is t present, and more there is no Industry or customer that we supported and helped to develop, not to present nice stories about their journey with Oracle products and solutions.

Our talks will focus on:

  • the way, Oracle helps its customers to build up a better future. It is about modernizing the customers' business through access to new technologies: from state-of-the-art Applications to newer technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning or to the modern way of connecting important business data such as Blockchain.
  • the most affordable way to access the Enterprise solutions: Cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the most secure and business-oriented cloud solution in the entire world since it can accommodate applications, technologies, offer Infrastructure at the customer needs, and with highly predictable and controllable costs.
  • the best business approach versus the current COVID challenges through solutions that can enable the business development even in the current tough situation (Zoom runs within Oracle cloud) and the huge support Oracle offers all around the world to cope with the disease challenge.

Working Language: Romanian


  • Victor Maghiari (Oracle Technology Sales Director at Romania, Moldova & Adriatics countries of Oracle)

    Victor Maghiari

    Oracle Technology Sales Director at Romania, Moldova & Adriatics countries of Oracle


Online Event

The American Chamber of Commerce
Chisinau, Moldova

If you have any questions please contact Elena Buzu

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+373 22211781

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