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Understanding one's personality can help an employee modify behavior at work, play to strengths, improve on weaknesses, interact with coworkers more effectively and ultimately lead to career success.

Personality is not an excuse for poor performance. Still, managers can use what they know about a direct report's personality to create growth opportunities and get more out of the employee.

Employees and managers can use what they know about their personalities to discuss opportunities for changing the nature of a worker's tasks, providing team-building opportunities, and placing employees in optimal positions that allow them to thrive.

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  • Victor Lipet (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist)

    Victor Lipet

    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

    Victor Lipet is a psychologist and auditor. He is a cognitive-behavioral therapist, with expertise in individual and team consulting in areas of capacity building, change management, and communication. He also has over 12 years of experience in internal audit of the central bank, with expertise in the optimization of organizational processes.

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