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Does your workplace encourage employee engagement? If not it should. Employee engagement can be a powerful factor in your business success. Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profit-generating, and employers are more likely to retain them.

Employee engagement is not a Human Resources initiative that managers are reminded to do once a year. It's a key strategic commitment that drives employee performance, accomplishment, and continuous improvement all year long.

Just as organizations can't create employee empowerment, employee motivation, or employee satisfaction, engagement is up to the employees who make decisions and choices about how involved they want to be at work. Employees make choices relative to their empowerment, motivation, and satisfaction. These choices are not up to you, the employer.


  • Ana Afteni (HR Director South Europe at Reckitt, Leadership coach, ACC)

    Ana Afteni

    HR Director South Europe at Reckitt, Leadership coach, ACC


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The American Chamber of Commerce
Chisinau, Moldova

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