There are many factors that are changing the way we approach human resources, from attracting and selecting talent, all the way through to talent development and retention. Whatever the external influences, the fact is that this change requires new applications in the way we think about our people and design our people management strategies. One of the most recent trends is Design Thinking, and how it can be used as a tool to understand and improve the customer experience of HR.

Design Thinking can be used for every part of HR, right from the initial attraction and identification of potential employees, to assigning them to specific roles, finding opportunities to transition them into new roles, and ultimately, retaining and developing key people into even greater assets for the business.

From the earliest stages, Design Thinking allows us to understand how our ideal candidate searches for a job, what they use to evaluate and compare companies and opportunities. In later stages, it provides insight into what our people want and need, their experience along the way, the touch points that allow us to create a better experience, and the goals we must set in order to fully utilize and maintain our key people.

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  • MG

    Mariana Gurghis

    Business Analyst- Senior Engineer at Endava

  • MI

    Michelle Iliev

    Project Manager, Producer at EduTalk

  • NU

    Natalia Ursu

    Scrum Master at Endava


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