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The ongoing war in Ukraine is sending shockwaves that have an impact on both government and public services organizations and the private sector and will clearly have multidimensional implications. The global response, including imposed sanctions, continues the trend of further integrating business with geopolitical security concerns.

The risk of stagnation hovers over European economies and the emerging markets in the region are at particular risk of shortages and supply disruptions and are most affected by growing refugee flows.

In this setup, the financial sector, both banking and non-banking, of the Republic of Moldova will certainly be affected, but how? How resilient is the Moldovan financial sector in relation to this crisis? What impact will the sanctions imposed by the US, the EU and other states on Russia have, especially for economic agents that have business partners in Russia? How will this situation affect the financial operations? Will it result in reduced risk appetite, tighter corporate financial controls, and increased regulatory compliance requirements? How big are the risks to cyber security in the financial sector?

Access to finance for SMEs, the impact on various sectors of the Moldovan economy following the foreign exchange policies imposed by the Russian Federation, the behavioral changes of the population induced by the crisis, the way in which the insurance market is reacting to the new regional paradigm, but also the trends in adopting cryptocurrencies at the level of central banks - are the topics we would like to touch upon, at least at the top of the iceberg.



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